Who We Are

XF tool Tech is a privately owned capital company started in 2003,headquartered in dongguan in the China

More than 10 years of experience, constant modernization and increase of production capacity helped us to grow up quickly in injection moulding & machinery industry. At the moment XF employs more than 180  personnel.

Our goal is to provide our clients high quality products, competitive factory made price ,on time production shipping as well as a level of service unrivalled in the industry.

What We Do

We are very thanksfull to our clients from world. If you are in field of your industry needing plasitc injection molding ,die casting or cnc machining service and you are constantly coming up with new ideal and expert for part design or You have the part design engineering team and marketing expertise and you have all of the knowledge you need to make sure your product will sell in the volumes you require.

Then we would like to work with you to realize your conception at reasonable cost,giving you the quality you demand within timescales you required for a smooth and painless product launch. 

email us  sales@xftooltech.com ,now to see how we can help.

Why Choose Us

XF have been active within the injection moulding & machinery market for over10 years.  With continued investment into state-of-the-art machines and supported by the all-important iSO 9001:2008 quality standard,we continue to grow up in this important industiral fild.

We are a expertise for Injection Moulding and machinery solutions and with dedicated Tool Room, numerous part production lines ,professional package personel which are all in house. We operate two shift system for production efficiency and have a Quality Control department.

At same times our tool room provide free maintenance to let any unforeseen repairs are easily and effectively solved to ensure our production run smoothly.

Client Testimonials